The workspace. Submitted by Blurred-Ghosts


The workspace. 

Submitted by Blurred-Ghosts


north of wawa (by five one nine)


north of wawa (by five one nine)

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Lights In Chicago, Digital Photography (2013)

Satoki Nagata is an incredibly talented artist from Japan, that’s based in Chicago since ‘92. Satoki does an amazing job with these black and white images, lighting the figures behind with a flash using a slow shutter speed, giving the double exposure effect. He says here “My goal as an artist is to find and show the various connections that form the reality in which the city and its people exist.” Be sure to check out more of his amazing work at his site, trust me, his site is amazing.

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Hyundai Card Travel Library - Wonderwall

This amazing library and cafe interior in South Korea is a celebration of fractured geometry and irregular forms. It has been designed to communicate the diversity of both the information it exhibits and the people who visit it; a point that is partially accentuated by the collection of chairs sourced from around the world that line the table in the cafe area… envisioned by its designers as the spot where people meet and cultures collide. The staircase that jaggedly winds its way up the centre of the space is fantastic too. 

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why do boys act like they’ve committed a great humanitarian deed and single handedly solved world hunger when they say ‘i like girls with no makeup’ like congratulations would you like a nobel peace prize you fantastic feminist you

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A blissed out morning in Soho at The Apartment by The Line for a light breakfast and delicious coffee by Irving Farm Coffee Roasters. 

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"two sided book case squeezed into the space between flights of stairs"


"two sided book case squeezed into the space between flights of stairs"

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my life goals

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Dream Jobs

The possibilities are endless!

Comic by Caitlin H. (More here.)